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Kunming Airport Hotel Kunming is located in Kunming Changshui International Airport. It is a multifunctional and fully-equipped leisure garden hotel currently in use at the airport.

Kunming Airport Hotel Kunming has a variety of room types. There are dozens of international and domestic timing lounges in the terminal area. The hotel has restaurants, conference rooms, and business centers that can accommodate 300 people to meet various business needs. There are also coffee bars, tea rooms, chess and card rooms, and small supermarkets to provide you with professional, thoughtful, and warm services.
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  • c583761625
    Convenient airport transfer
  • www ultimate wonderful
    Okay, jumping can also
  • crystal2588
    Close to the airport convenient arrival hotel phone call, free 10 minute shuttle bus service. catch the early flight, 5 o'clock began serving breakfast, the service is thoughtful. WIFi speed.
  • legion
    Can't evaluate, him ye
  • conniepj
    A bit expensive, but great service, one-stop.
  • adaniel26
    Transit convenient, very close from the airport!
  • e00280060
    Hotel Super cold ... Two quilt cover open air conditioning is cold ... Restaurants, cold, poor service, small pot 981, two teeny-tiny plate of meat, 2 tiny little dish ... OK ... Because no other restaurant next! anyway in order to air live, no next time
  • numsoft
    Near the airport and this is not bad.
  • guocax
    So so
  • air_cruiser
    Hotel is near the airport, very convenient, rooms are quiet, food health meet when its feature.
  • e00022129
    Hotel clean and tidy
  • seadroprf
    As ever been
  • affii
    Third time, is close to the airport, shuttle bus transfer to airport, very convenient
  • gaojing51
    Flights are delayed, got off the plane was almost one o'clock in the morning, hotels will soon come and feel safe, and just five minutes from the airport, do not toss, sooner or later flight was really great, and service was good
  • bydaniel
    Here, sent as early as 5;30, don't have to worry about false positives
  • mu5118
    Close to airport, close to, for the next morning's plane is very convenient
  • pandado
    Due to the plane the next morning, so no way to book hotel in downtown, the hotel has been featured, but is easy to catch an early morning flight the next day passenger sleeping one night only
  • e04637464
    Good, arrived too late can also take the hotel shuttle bus. especially suitable for transit stay, breakfast was very good.
  • e03432397
    About 2 km from the airport, but fees are charged the pick up and drop off, 1 one
  • bill li
    Transfer or early flights preferred
  • lilitomo49
    Helping friend, airport transfer service, not bad!
  • xiacong1972
    Very close from the airport, the hotel has a complimentary airport shuttle service, very convenient.
  • ljy51778869
    Overall it is a good
  • Tony0102
    Easy to catch the early flight
  • colecc
    Facilities very poor, no air conditioning, no network, high prices, TV have problems, very bad hotel experience!
  • JoanGuan
    Satisfaction! is the online one day, continued to live the next day and was up 20, suggest that you book online!
  • truefriend
    Airport Hotel, 10 minutes away from the airport, hotel facilities good, you can take the airport shuttle bus (free of charge), or hotel bus (10 Yuan each). recommended book the room in advance, without advance booking, room charges is 628 Yuan per night.
  • VenusAcc
    Friends of transit hotel, not bad.
  • len gjie
    Is very quiet, very comfortable. sanitation is great, the restaurant is also very good
  • marslovevivian
    Which is very nice
  • fan0514
    Transfer, close to airport, good
  • muyiwangjun
    Location near the airport, airport to hotel there is free bus pass. room was clean, bed sleep comfortable.
  • snoopy001
    Hotel bathrooms smell, the only advantage is that close to airport, convenient morning flights
  • fumiss
    Nice ... like
  • youxiba
    Transportation is very convenient, suitable for airport overnight, and there is a free airport shuttle bus.
  • summerlailai
    So so
  • arcticwol1f
    Because it is a 7:30 plane, so I chose the airport hotel, from the Terminal very close to half an hour between Terminal, shuttle is a convenient, breakfast 5:30 meal, too sweet, very close, I took the children, deliberately arranged a quiet location, very thanks! next time you have a chance to come to Kunming, will come to live here!
  • e00254432
    Very close to the airport, free airport transfer. If there is any transfer, staying here is very suitable.
  • jeffrey517
    Overall feel of the hotel is good, very suitable for connecting friends
  • tittan
    An early morning flight the next day, live well here, Windows is not noisy, sent the airport starts at 5:30 in the morning, half an hour trip. mark.
  • e00005497
    Very nice, very close to the airport, and complimentary airport transfer service, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • any0509
    Hotel location is very good, just at the airport. take the luggage to the hotel to call a shuttle service available, 10 minute shuttle bus came ... because it is a new hotel, so clean. breakfast was great ... Although the price is a little expensive, but very formal, more safe and secure.
  • gracef
    Nice Ah! we 2 midnight to call the hotel, have a car to pick us up in less than 10 minutes, the driver and the doorman was very polite and helped with our luggage, only to turn the corner, but one night experience made us feel very comfortable, 5 star home
  • dys1975
    Very convenient to catch a plane, than with the hotel than in the urban area of course.
  • destanjj
    Travel machine
  • cwf75
    Close to airport, one around, without eating, a little expensive to eat in hotel
  • wulingren
    Was great, next to the airport, cars drive great
  • luoxuan0301
    Waiting at the airport by 40 minutes didn't tell drivers say the hotel telephone. service is very good
  • apollo1969
    Near from the airport, will be the noise of a plane until midnight. restaurants dish tastes good ... nice
  • sinwind
    Very suitable for transit passengers, close to airport, shuttle bus. surroundings quiet