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  • jarvisue
    Traveling on a plane with my friends staying in the hotel, good condition, great service, very clean, breakfast was simple.
  • amigray
    Environment is very very convenient for people to fly the next day ... but the sound of planes taking off and landing at night fell asleep a bit big but still nothing
  • alangao1008
    Location quiet at the hotel, shuttle time, but hotel facilities and more than 300 more expensive price!, three years old children eat breakfast charged at half price, so many hotels are met for the first time, the restaurant too stingy!
  • alice_yangxue
    Help colleagues travel book ... because the next day, in the morning to turn so order in the vicinity of the airport.
  • Eagle_Paul
    OK, close to airport-
  • missionel
    Well, midnight, called to inform the driver of lightning to the airport, contained all the way back to stay, nice environment. guests wake up in the morning, through this account and arrange for a car to take, is a good hotel relay to rest.
  • ammypower
    Hotels in six minutes from the airport, airport transfer service, good breakfast,
  • fengyor
    Very close to the airport, good service, free airport transfer
  • xewlife
    That's good!
  • sunjunn
    Hotel room was small, but clean.
  • elviramu
    That will be fine
  • A_Best
    From the Terminal for several kilometers, is not very convenient, hotel, apart from exceptional cases generally choose to live downtown
  • beareyes
    To tell the truth, this hotel into the urban areas, at most, which is 100 Yuan price,
  • mig25
    Around the room are all airlines, more desolate, the only advantage of being close to airport, and the hotel has a shuttle to the airport ... but not really the room environment, bed too hard, decoration is too old, the room is too small, General Service attitude, there are cockroaches in the room.
  • bear8448
    Nice, at five in the morning with breakfast
  • bbmaction
    Hotel in about five minutes by car from the airport, you can also contact Shuttle, very good pick-up in front of 3rd departure, hotel room clean, ointment is bad room, the roar of aircraft lead to poor sleep!
  • messy_ding
    Airport hotel near the airport in Kunming, Kunming, if you arrive after midnight, no one helped or too tired, then you can consider staying, hotel or arrange a pick up service, which I feel very intimate, because hotels are located close to the airport of possible causes ... but very good. Hotel Suite is not great, but good enough. Health facilities.
  • bbvv2000
    Nice lived-in transit for a night! car Airport transfer is very convenient!
  • B787-9
    It wasn't too bad
  • aircs
    Smoke in the room ... very heavy.
  • A770084
    Close to airport, and flights to choose from.
  • lisaray
    Very convenient
  • Lulu Lulu
    Good, easy to clean, working capital for a day or two good choices.
  • alwasony
    Is convenient for transit, a trip every half an hour.
  • D785238270
    Help colleagues travel book. easily. from the airport near. is the voice heard. but in order to catch a flight the next day. one night is a good choice.
  • e03070851
    Very close from the airport, December the room was colder.
  • tangbaby
    There is an airport shuttle, surrounded by desolation
  • benson19810712
    As a connecting flight, hotel, value for money right.
  • e02205757
    So, the hotel to be clean, shower at least no leaks; night supper, breakfast, dishes are rich, but also filling; Airport transfer service was good, but as the airport cannot value is not too convenient.
  • e00820733
    All right
    Clean and quiet hotel, is a turnaround point Hotel Airport staff, satisfaction! family accommodation is also very safe, compared to many hotels around norms! people much more special to catch a plane in the morning, the driver especially well, stuck in traffic, when cut sent to me on time, thanks! back will stay!
  • jin656
    Find-location is near-6 o'clock in the morning to the hotel-front desk staff seemed very tired but still very warm reception we wake-up-free arrangements the car back to the airport-all in all a good
  • JamesX.Tang
    At the airport on the edge of noisy, it is more convenient in order to turn
  • Angela.jiang
    Good shuttle on time next time.
  • rocuronium
    Hotel is near the airport, a trip to the airport half an hour service, just 8 minutes to the airport. sat morning plane, staying here is very convenient, could easily go to the airport. only very early, only to eat.
  • jarywang177
    Transit is easy. high performance-price ratio.
  • gladnt
    Here heard the sound of aircraft flying overhead at night quite noisy but location is its good hotel has no choice but to eat this is no place to go is not convenient
  • afray
    OK, very close to the airport, shuttle transfers. is eating too simple
  • iloveyou_cc
    This proved to be at the airport, dinner is also good
  • mdull
    Pretty good
  • lt9600
    Hotel amenities, services, environment, breakfast is good, for next day early morning plane to catch people is a good choice. sound is there, but fortunately, just stay on the day next to a silent group of young men and women in the room drinking and singing parties, end until 1 o'clock at night, kept people awake.
  • anya rain
    Kunming machine tool group hotel is near from the airport and offers free shuttle service! room facilities, good health! for breakfast, and eat with people working in the airport, not much!
  • jonnason_cn
    Near from the airport, catch the early flight
  • andrew_soar
    Hotels in the airport but not noisy! if you want to sleep in a friend, you can choose! after all, close to airport
  • silly sun
    Completely not this price the some hardware service, room area small, bed also is small, bedding pillowcase a see on not new for of, also has stains, TV signal often interrupted, breakfast varieties rarely rarely, night in this hotel eat of rice, eat of pot 98 Yuan a, two a vegetarian two a meat, to has a lamb a beef, vegetarian said is chef to match, results most a tomatoes slice also is a vegetarian, most not tolerance of is lamb is obviously is fake meat, lamb partNot even my one-fifth (I say wrong, northerners eat lamb I really can tell at a glance), and instantly had no appetite,
  • e00132328
    Airport shuttle service, living here is very convenient sitting 8 passengers taking those flights the next day. but the hotel facilities, is not flexible, based on low season high season changes.
  • anling0237
    Because it is a night flight, booked a hotel near the airport, airport transfer service, on time. Hotel Airport is open, informal, breakfast is good also, recommendation ^ _ ^
  • albee28
    Service very good
  • allen0577
    Great! ... next time will choose!
  • e00377220
    Very good, very convenient!